Our homes are one of the largest investments we make in our lives, and we should take the greatest care to protect them against termite infestation. Termites can be difficult to detect and can potentially cause significant damage to your home before any obvious signs surface. As such, we recommend annual inspections of your property. The construction of each structure is different, and our trained technicians know how to best inspect each house to determine whether any termite activity is present.

We offer termite protection plans for your property as well as spot treatments to address a specific termite issue. The treatment method our company uses is Termidor Termiticide. Many factors determine how each home is treated such as presence of wells, drains, or basements. Our technicians can determine whether a Termidor treatment would be the best for your home. Currently, we do not provide any treatment method involving bait systems.

Prices for inspections are flat fees based on the location of the property. Termite treatment costs vary based on the scope of the individual job. Please contact our office today at 919-834-9695.

Termite Control Services:

Termidor Termiticide treatments
Subterranean termite protection plans
Pre-construction soil treatments
Real estate inspections